How long have you been at Asian Food Fest?
First timer!

What does it Asian Food Fest mean to you and/or your business?
We are a newly opened Boba store in Troy, we are planning to open our door to customers in early June. AFF would be a great opportunity for us to get our name out as well as getting invaluable feedback before we open our brick and mortar location.

What is favorite food memory? What was your favorite dish growing up?
Grew up in Asia, we were the Boba generation. Milk tea was part of our childhood, whether it was after school, on the way to a movie theater, or just strolling around the mall, we were always sipping milk tea through the oversized straws while hanging out with friends. Milk tea and street food like bubble waffles were the quintessential components of our social life.

What made you start your business? What is your favorite thing to cook?
When we (the three owners) first met each other, the common experience of having boba tea as part of our social life growing up created an instant connection among us. It’s quite an amazing feeling and that’s why we decided to open a bubble tea shop and bring the “boba experience” to Troy, OH.