Want to know what many Asians eat when they are at home with their family? The secret menu stems from a common practice of an additional “hidden” menu at Asian restaurants that contain more of the authentic, home cooked dishes. These dishes give many a feeling of comfort and home. We’re bringing that tradition to Asian Food Fest! Order at these booths to try authentic & unique dishes…. be sure to get them while they last!


Country: Philippines

Saturday, 5/7 & Sunday, 5/8

About Bisdak Chef
Bisdak is coined from the words “Bisaya” (people from the southern part of the Philippines) and “Ga Daku” (Born in). If one is called “Bisdak”, they are a true born and raised in the souther part of the Philippines.

Chef Rex Alba was born and raised in the Philippines. When Chef Rex is not cooking at Asian Food Fest (AFF), his favorite thing to cook for himself and loved ones is the dried pork adobo. One might consider it a common Pinoy dish but the secret is in the braising of the pork with soy sauce, vinegar, herbs and lightly frying the pork belly!

To Chef Rex, AFF brings back memories from back home where he can walk around in his town market and enjoy a variety of dishes. Participating in the event this year means being able to showcase his dishes to the larger community in hopes that it may open bigger doors in the future!

About the Food

Fish and Kikiam Balls with variety sauce
4 for $5

Prepacked $8 (100 grams, prepackaged) and $5 (50 grams, freshly cooked)


Country: Cambodia

Saturday, 5/7 & Sunday, 5/8

About Chhnganh
Chef Seng Sung’s older brothers were born and mostly raised in Cambodia while he and his younger brother Chef Harold were born and raised here in Cincinnati, OH. They kept it simple in selecting the name for their booth, which means “delicious.” In a broader sense of the word though, what “Chhnganh” means to them is family gathering with delicious homemade food in good company with each other and friends, creating memories.

About the Food

Bay Cha
Cambodian Fried Rice with Chicken- $7

Roasted Corn with Coconut Glazepot Ang

Grilled Chicken Skewers
2 for $5


Country: China

Saturday, 5/7

About GCCCEA (Greater Cincinnati Chinese Cultural Exchange Association)
GCCCEA is a non-profit organization committed to celebrating Asian American cultural heritage, fostering cross cultural dialogs and supporting regional diversity and inclusion.

GCCCEA Youth Leadership Program
GCCCEA’s Youth Leadership Program is designed for Asian American high school students with a focus on fostering multi-ethnic conversations among youths from different backgrounds and developing leadership skills to build confidence, drive passion, and better serve the community. There are three focused areas in this program including connecting with authentic Asian food, sharing traditional performing arts, and storytelling through cultural presentations and podcasting. The food team took the initiative to sign up for the secret menu booth to raise fund for a family recipe book they are working on. Visit our booth for savory lamb skewers, flavorful wontons in garlic soy sauce and irresistible mung bean noodles. These flavors are produced in family kitchens based on recipes passed through generations.

It is very important for GCCCEA to show up with other Asian community organizations and have collective efforts to bring visibility to our cultures and community. AFF is a great opportunity to celebrate Asian cultures and showcase the local Asian American community, which is consistent with GCCCEA’s mission.

About the Food

LIANG FEN – Mung Bean Noodles
$4 per bowl

Cold Mung Bean Noodles is a very popular dish in the Sichuan cuisine. The flavor of the light noodles is enriched by a magic combination of minced garlic, soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, sugar and chili oil.

YANG ROU CHUAN (Lamb Skewers)
$5 for 1. $8 for 2

Slowly cooked on open fire, the lamb skewers rubbed with chili peppers, cumin and the chef’s secret spices are hard to resist. One of the most popular street foods in Northern China, the chunks of meat are flavorful, tender, juicy and addictive.

Wontons in Garlic Soy Sauce
$5 per bowl (5 pieces)

Wontons in savory garlic soy sauce is a summer favorite in Shanghai. The tender and flavorful pork fillings taste even better in a traditional garlic soy sauce, a family recipe contributed by our sous chef.


Country: The Philippines

Saturday, 5/7

About Mangan
“Mangan” means “let’s eat” and is the Filipino way of giving a warm hello and welcome. Chefs Carmina and Amy chose this as an ode to their families’ Pampanga (a Philippine province) origin. It is their way of welcoming everyone warmly and sharing their love and pride of the Filipino Kapampangan cuisine.

Both of the chefs have fond memories of food made by their grandmothers. Dishes prepared only during town feasts like goat caldereta or simple dishes like lumpiang togue (bean sprout spring rolls) take them back to happy times with their extended family.

To the chefs, AFF is a celebration of Cincinnati’s growing diversity. They love that more and more Asian countries are getting represented and are excited to get the community to experience the Filipinos’ warm hospitality, and of course, their great tasting food.

About the Food

Tapa rice
$7, Add an egg (+$1)
Marinated and pan-fried beef sirloin. This is topped with garlic and is served with jasmine rice and pickled papaya salad.

Sisig rice
$6, Add an egg (+$1)

Chopped grilled pork with calamansi, onions, and peppers. This is topped with chicharon and is served with jasmine rice.

Coco Cooler
Refreshing drink made of coconut, milk, and agar-agar.

FASO Pista Sa Nayon

Country: The Philippines

Sunday, 5/8

About FASO Pista Sa Nayon
FASO (Filipino-American Association of Southern Ohio) is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the Greater Cincinnati area’s Filipino American community. They chose Pista sa Nayon as their booth name because in the Philippines, the term refers to the “town festival.” Their hope is to celebrate our Cincinnati town festival together with the local Asian American community and the ways that they have adopted and adapted to life in the Queen City.

AFF has been a great way to connect within the Asian community. For any number of reasons, AFF brings us together with old friends and introduces us to new ones.

About the Food

Chicken Inasal, rice and atchara


Country: India

Sunday, 5/8

About Masala
“Masala” is a blend of ground spices, herbs originated in India. “Masala” is a blend of ground spices, herbs originated in India that is most used in Indian, Pakistani, Nepalese, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan and Caribbean cuisines. It brings out the aromatic flavors in every dish. It is most commonly used in Indian, Pakistani, Nepalese, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan and Caribbean cuisines.

Chef Avinash Enugu loves to serve people and enjoys to see a smile on people faces and contentment with authentic food. From Masala, Chef Avinash found his passion to start a food truck.

To Chef Avinash, AFF provides a great opportunity and platform for someone like him, who wants to make their dream come alive.

About the Food

Haleem (halal)

Chicken Biryani (halal)

Mango Lassi